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After becoming a mum to our precious little girl Olivia almost three years ago, I thought there had to be a way to make bath times easier. Bathing a newborn can be a slippery affair, add in a husband working late and reaching for a towel and it quickly became a very tricky experience. I wanted to think of a way to make bath time easier for mums and dads and most importantly safer for babies. As a result our hands free baby bath towel was created. Well, it wasn't quite that straightforward, there were a lot of patterns and ideas thrown around but we eventually decided on our kite shaped towel to help make bath time a safer and even more enjoyable experience for all mums and dads.

The unique apron-style towel simply fastens around your neck with two press studs, allowing you to have both of your hands free to safely undress and bathe your baby. Once you have finished bathing your baby you no longer have to fumble to find a towel or use your teeth whilst trying to support a slippery baby as the towel is already on you. Simply lift your baby out of the water onto your chest, place the hood on your baby's head and use the sides to wrap and snuggle your baby. Simply unfasten the towel from around your neck with one hand when your baby is on the change table, keeping your baby snug and warm before you dress them.

In addition to making bath time safer and easier, our hands free baby bath towel is luxuriously long and wide, leaving you plenty of towel to dry in between your baby's fingers and toes. It's large size also keeps you dry when bath time becomes playtime and your baby starts kicking and splashing in the water. Made from natural bamboo and cotton it is naturally soft, thick and ultra absorbent, keeping your baby warm after his/her bath.
Thoughtfully designed and made in Australia, we hope you find our hands free baby bath towel a practical and safer alternative to conventional towels.
Pam xx


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