Baby Gift Sets

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  • Soft and thick Apron-style towel to keep your baby warm and snug after his/her bath
  • Luxuriously long and wide kite shape to dry your baby's body and ensure in between their little fingers and toes are dry too
  • Two press studs for fastening to ensure your baby is safe and secure (baby must be supported at all times)
  • Easily unfasten with one hand when your baby is on the change table
  • Ideal for using from newborn
  • Keeps you dry when bath time becomes playtime and your baby is kicking and splashing in the water
  • Dimensions: 125cm long x 104cm wide
  • See our How It Works section for more information
  • Large size bib to help keep your baby's clothes clean during meal times
  • Backing made from very absorbent terry towelling so you can wet the bib and use the back as a face washer when out and about or at home
  • Two clasps do up behind neck so it is secure on your baby and can be adjusted to a larger size as they grow
  • Dimensions: 35cm long x 25.5cm wide
  • Rectangular over the shoulder Burp Cloth with circular cut out around neck to help make burp time easier and mess-free
  • Very absorbent to help keep you and your baby clean if there is any mess when out and about or at home
  • Cut out around neck to make it more comfortable for you and your baby when burping and help to keep you clean
  • Ideal for using from newborn
  • Dimensions: 54cm long x 27cm wide


  • Soft and thick making it ideal for washing your baby or yourself!
  • Features white trimming around bottom edge and a small hook for easy drying
  • Ideal for using on babies from newborn
  • Dimensions: 21.5cm long x 15cm wide with an opening of approx. 11.5cm wide


  • Made from ultra soft, thick and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo and cotton (base) terry towelling
  • Apron-style Towel, Bib and Burp Cloth feature a pattern and all products feature white trimming around edges
  • Machine washable
  • Designed and made in Australia



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